Personal Branding for Chefs


Behind every successful chef is an experienced & talented team that supports their vision and efforts. Let us be that team for you! We are devoted ‘foodies’ passionate about digital marketing in the hospitality space.


Business Branding and Positioning

Brand Development

Make your brand stand head and shoulders above your competitors with the 3 A’s: Authenticity, Alignment, and Attraction.

Your personal chef brand should be an exotic blend of visual, written, and marketing standards that set the stage for consistency across platforms. Using our proprietary process, our brand strategists will eke out what makes your chef brand truly iconic.

Logo Identity and Branding Collateral

For many businesses, logo and brand collateral is a “nice to have” but not a must have.

But, for professional chefs, having a recognizable brand logo for your business helps convey, in an instant, your values, your beliefs, and your unique flavours. Brand collateral creates consistency across your packaging, prints, signature products, even down to your aprons. Let’s transform your identity from, “best kept secret” to “well-known tastemaker.”

Web Design and Development

Website Design

Sleek, streamlined, and smooth: That’s how your online space should look and feel like to your clients.

People who enjoy your food consider it an experience — so why should your website be any different? Using a melange of creative design, conversion-based copywriting, and seamless user navigation, we can help your website make a memorable impact on your hungry audiences.


A Digital Flipbook is the ultimate Sous-Chef for your audiences.

The old recipe book sits on the shelves of bookcases around the world.  Creating this manifesto often required months, sometime years of laborourous dedication.  Imagine for a moment, a digital recipe book, fully interactive, where you can talk your audience through creating the recipes.  Imagine including links to the location of hard to source ingredients.  Imagine your fans, flipping through your book to create by your side culinary masterpieces.  Welcome to the future of recipe books.  Create, sell, share your vision easily online.  Whether you are looking to create a new recipe book or repurpose an existing one, we can help.

Content Creation and Curation

Content Strategy

Translate your efforts in the kitchen by capturing your incredible dishes through engaging content.

Translate your efforts in the kitchen by capturing your incredible dishes through engaging content. Professional chefs have a unique advantage over plenty of other businesses — your delectable creations are designed to capture the imagination, spark the palate, and elevate the everyday.

We help you seize the opportunity to showcase your talents and amplify your skills by transforming your recipes, tips, tricks, and techniques into an unforgettable recipe book, featuring your recipes all centered around your brand. We help your brand stand out from the crowded kitchen with tailored content marketing strategies designed to catapult your success story.

Visual Identity and Brand Photography

Visual Identity Development

Think of our visual identity development like the mise-en-place stage of culinary preparation.

All the ingredients of your professional brand come together with our process. It’s now time to plate your logo, colors, designs, and dishes together to help your audience connect with your food and expertise through the web.

Brand Photography for Online and Offline Venture

Beautiful brand photography is at the heart of a high-quality chef’s image and business.

The best way to convey your cuisine’s unique flavors and scintillating spices is to capture your delectable creations through professional brand photography. When it comes to food, nothing compares to live content and our impeccable brand photography can help you populate your recipe book, blog, website, menus, and social media platforms.