About Us

Chef Coatz Keeps your Business Fresh

Behind every great brand…stands a modern, creative, and lean team committed to using the best marketing strategies and leading edge web design principles to help grow businesses online and offline.

Bring Your Brand to Life with Three Simple Principles that Power Every Creative Campaign


You don’t have to be a foodie or a connoisseur to be able to taste when a dish is “off.” The same holds true for your online brand and business identity. Authenticity is the very essence of how you show up and how you’re perceived. And our design and marketing strategies are customized to capture and convey your authentic identity.


No every marketing strategy is right for you. And your audience doesn’t live on every platform. We’ll help you find where your most loyal customers and fans live and communicate with them in a way that’s aligned with your brand’s values.


We don’t believe in being pushy, sleazy, salesy, or scarcity-driven. Food and cuisine is all about a celebration of abundance. Our pull marketing strategies and preference for nurturing your customers and audiences help attract your clients totally effortlessly and easily.